Over the years, AH Real Estate Marketing has promoted and sold a huge number of real estate projects of various sorts and denominations, and it continues on its upward trajectory. The concept and systems we pioneered are now being replicated across the sector and the country. We are delighted to have improved and transformed the way real estate marketing is done in this country for the better.

Capital Smart City is a smart city in the capital. Pakistan’s first smart city is Islamabad. It is currently listed as the world’s 23rd Smart City. Investors from all over the world are drawn to this renowned project. In recent years, it has become the most appealing real estate development.

Furthermore, Capital Smart City is regarded as one of the top investment opportunities in both the domestic and international markets. The legal structure, manufacturing capabilities, and efficient business opportunities make it a magnet for all types of investors.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Design

Designs Consultants are important individuals that are in charge of the project’s first impression. The most advanced housing concept is Capital Smart City. It serves as a model for urban development in the region. For amazing progress, the developers have employed high-end designer consultants. CSC has assembled a flexible team of design consultants who can provide a wide range of solutions across a variety of industries.

All of these multinational corporations are masters of their respective fields. They’ve honed their skills by completing a wide range of efficient and successful initiatives over the last few years. They have also provided world-class projects and endeavors as experts in urban design and administration. The profiles of notable design consultants involved in producing exquisite projects in CSC are shown below.

Capital Smart City’s Smart Features


Because of its excellent offering of Smart Features, Capital Smart City is also known as Smart City. The following are some of the project’s smart features.

  • Smart Safety
  • Smart buildings
  • Intelligent Transportation
  • Resource Management That Makes Sense
  • Smart connectivity
  • Smart Infrastructure

Furthermore, reports concerning the Smart City Islamabad and DHA Merger have been circulating in the city for quite some time. However, no formal notification has yet been made.

CSC’s Master Plan

Capital Smart City’s Master Plan The city of Islamabad is based on the Township Model. Capital Smart City offers affordable housing options. It offers a diverse range of housing options, depending on density. It contains the following items:

  • Density: Medium (10 Marlas to 2 Kanal)
  • Densely packed (5 Marla)
  • Houses on the Farm (4 to 8 Kanals)
  • Villas that can be shared


The entire map is divided into facilities, each of which is divided into distinct districts and sub-districts. Similarly, each district is well-served by public facilities. The following are the names of the districts that are part of the Capital Smart City Master Plan.

  • Blockade of Overseas
  • Blocks in general
  • Harmony Park is a park dedicated to peace and harmony.
  • Panda Village is a community of pandas.
  • Village of Aviation
  • District of Education
  • District of Healthcare
  • Terrace with a View of the Lake
  • Hills Vista is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California
  • City of Education
  • Financial Square is a financial district in Manhattan.
  • Parks for vacationers


Capital Smart City Islamabad is mostly based on a private urban-management system. It is committed to ensuring maximum efficiency and control, as well as active engagement. Furthermore, it is working to develop modern information and communication technology infrastructure that will result in increased efficiency and services.

Furthermore, the primary goal of this massive housing project is to improve living conditions while also supporting regional economic growth. It’s a Grade-8 project with a self-sustaining Eco-Friendly strategy.

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