Capital smart city Booking office Islamabad

If you’re looking for a housing society that offers the perfect blend of business and pleasure, Capital Smart City is the place to be. It’s also known as CSCI Housing Society, which abbreviates the project’s full name. You will receive numerous perks as a member of this innovative housing plan. It will open the region’s first commercial hub, which will welcome a globally recognized brand.

The Capital Smart City is close to the new international airport, which is one of the city’s most prominent landmarks. It is a wonderful living environment in Pakistan that attracts both local and international investors. The project, in addition to providing an international level of living, also provides a variety of career opportunities in the commercial and service sectors.

The housing project’s infrastructure is unparalleled. It promotes regional development. The project’s transportation system is state-of-the-art and completely sustainable, thanks to the developer’s efforts. Providing pavements to road users, pedestrians, bicycles, and other future mobility demands through advanced infrastructure planning.

The project fits the needs of both international and residents perfectly. The proposal aspires to establish a new religious center with its distinct personality and design. The master plan for Capital Smart City has certain prominent elements. The housing society is an excellent example of high living conditions and social resilience. It’s simple to get to a wide selection of amenities here.

The Most Recent Update

After the merger with DHA, it is rumored that Capital Smart City will be renamed DHA Smart City. This has not yet been done formally, but it is likely to happen soon. Authentic details and information on this subject have yet to appear. As a result, you will receive further information following the formal release of some other material.

Status of Development

This magnificent and private project is progressing swiftly and successfully in all areas. A lot of work has already been done, and the rest is being done quickly to create a comprehensive picture of elegance and perfection. With careful preparation, the infrastructural side is growing rapidly and impressively. This endeavor is built on the foundation of high-quality building materials, sophisticated equipment, and enhanced design. A worldwide community is on its approach to achieving reliable and sustainable living standards through quality and urbanization arrangements.

Plan for the Project

Farmhouse plots are available in Capital Smart City in sizes of 20, 10, and 5 Kanal. They have plots of 5 and 10 Marlas and 1 and 2 Kanal for residential use at the pricing listed below. The authorities’ shops and offices are also accessible through the program.

An integrated system in the project keeps track of all of the project’s activities. The society keeps track of activities that take place at the community club and health center online. Even public transportation schedules and availability are available online. The goal of all disposals is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. They also offer 18-hole PGA-standard golf courses, theme parks, walkways, multiple parks, and dedicated green areas. The authorities built a filtration system to ensure safe drinking water.


Now let’s look at the payment plan, which is the most important factor to consider when choosing a place to live. The high-class and attractive lifestyle is usually out of reach for the common person due to financial constraints. With Capital Smart City, this isn’t an issue. You’ll be relieved to learn that quality and dream living is within reach for those who follow the simple and cheap payment and installment procedures. The prices of the properties are very reasonable and enticing to the clients.

Park view city booking office in Islamabad

AH Real Estate Marketing has Park view city booking office in Islamabad that will be the first preferred location to book your dream residence as it has been designed and developed to meet the needs of future generations of Pakistanis.

The place has an infrastructure that allows its people to live a comfortable life in one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan, i.e., Islamabad. These apartments are equipped with all luxuries and modern facilities to live there peacefully and comfortably.

Residential Plots

Residence at Park View City Islamabad is progressing rapidly, with more and more construction work being done each day. With so many housing options to choose from, it is no wonder why many people consider purchasing a plot of land at park view city.

In Pakistan, especially in major cities like Rawalpindi and Islamabad, there isn’t enough housing supply which is an issue that will plague us for years to come if nothing else is done to resolve it. That is precisely why living at Park View City will be a smart move for all those who have been thinking about buying a house for themselves and their families, as well as those who want to start building homes.

Commercial Plots

The commercial plots have been designed to construct these high-end corporate houses, offices, and luxury hotels. These prestigious, premium and elite class projects attract investors, builders, and home seekers. Each plot is offered with two car parking spaces (s) ideal for a small business organization or corporation.

Industrial Plots

Park View City is your right choice if you are interested in buying plots built commercial and residential apartments at a reasonable price. Park View City is a project of ABADI Developers of renowned industry and real estate giant M/S ABADI group. The location is the epitome of peaceful living because it’s surrounded by good environment and infrastructure facilities.

Those who have limited budgets and expect more value for their money can grab their plots for investment purposes or take benefits of their mortgages plan, which will give them easy monthly installments and options to own a property with years.

Bank Loan Available

We will contact you shortly after that with your loan details. Our customer service representatives are also available for any assistance if you have any questions about bank loans.

Corporate Housing

If you’re new to a town, moving for a job, or transferring from one location to another especially if you plan to stay for an extended period consider signing up for corporate housing.

It gives you a furnished place to stay and often comes with other perks like free cable, Wi-Fi, and utilities. Some corporate housing companies even offer services like cleaning or laundry service.

Payment Plans

It all depends on how fast you need your home or apartment and how much down payment you can afford. Our most popular payment plan is a 3-year installment plan where we collect 1/3rd of your property price as initial payments and then regular monthly installments for the next two years. The last year can be quickly paid off with a final bulk installment.


AH Real Estate Marketing provide the best place in Park View City where you would find every facility and amenity that you ever desired. It is also considered as one of the best residential developments of its type in Pakistan, which is located at the heart of Islamabad.

Park View City is only 10 km away from Blue Area, easily accessible. The prices start from 90 million and above. Park View City has been designed with utmost care and attention to detail, keeping in mind all aspects such as security, privacy, greenery, environment, etc.

The Best Kingdom Valley in Islamabad

AH Real Estate Marketing provide the Best Kingdom Valley in Islamabad If you want to enjoy a fantastic weekend with family or friends, then the Kingdom Valley Islamabad should be your first stop. This place has become one of the most sought-after weekend destinations in the country and has been loved by many since its inception several years ago.

The moment you step into this valley, it will completely submerge you into the calmness and peace you have missed throughout the week. Moreover, the weather there remains pleasant throughout the year because its location in Rawalpindi and Islamabad ensures that the temperature remains cool and refreshing throughout all seasons of the year.

An Affordable Location

You’ll want your new home to be located in an affordable area. So instead, opt for places like Rawalpindi if you want a great location at affordable prices.

Ideal Classrooms

Imagine you’re in school, and you walk into a classroom. You see rows of desks, two whiteboards on opposite walls, pictures of famous scientists and math geniuses, and an American flag on another. What do you feel? Do you feel inspired to learn? Curious about mathematics? Ready to explore science? When students enter a classroom, they want to be inspired by what they see.

Multiple Study Areas

With a variety of study areas, including open sitting areas, private cubicles, individual and group study rooms, along with a dedicated quiet reading room, library staff help students to focus on their work. As well as help make each hour spent studying both productive and enjoyable. All study spaces have dedicated support staff ready to help out where needed. Additional services include printing & photocopying facilities; free wi-fi access for all users; modern meeting rooms for small conferences; preparation rooms available for past papers & exams etc.

Ample Parking Space

A good park is essential for a successful theme park. It’s one of your main draws as it gives people a safe place to leave their cars while they explore what you have to offer. Don’t limit your parking space; be generous with both width and length so that everyone can fit, even if you have more visitors than anticipated. Make sure your guests can find where to park easily by installing signs which indicate how many spaces are available and how much longer there will be before it’s complete.

Comfortable Outdoor Seating

One of our favorite things about The Treehouse is its comfortable outdoor seating. With so many restaurant patrons bringing their food to restaurants these days, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a place that not only welcomes outside fare but makes room for it. As we talked about earlier, modern customers like having options. At The Treehouse, they can dine with friends and family al fresco or stay inside to eat and watch sports on one of their numerous televisions.

A Centrally Located Cafe

Located inside a well-established food court, Kingdom Valley Coffee is one of those cafes that will give you no choice but to spend time here. So if you have some free time and want to take a quick break from your busy schedule, don’t miss out on having a fun time with your friends at Kingdom valley coffee.


The whole purpose of a Kingdom Valley is to get a taste of the majestic Alpines, and that is precisely what you will find here. The landscape will take your breath away! This garden is located on Margalla Road, so it’s easy to access for everyone. So don’t miss out on a chance to feel like a king for an afternoon. For more information visit our Official website

AH Real Estate Marketing’s Discovery Gardens is one of the most significant housing

AH Real Estate Marketing’s Discovery Gardens is one of the most significant housing developments on Islamabad’s M-2 highway. It provides seamless access via the Motorway Interchange and high-end development standards at a reasonable cost.

The society is currently planning on 15000 Canals of land, with another 21000 canals in the process of being acquired. As a result, Discovery Gardens’ total land area is around 36000 Canals.

This eco-friendly residential project has been designed to meet the needs of future residents by providing them with a wide range of modern amenities while also encouraging them to live a wise and healthy lifestyle.

Developer of Islamabad’s Discovery Gardens

It is a joint venture between the AH Real Estate Marketing and the Pakistan Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD).

The company has been in existence since 1975 and has completed several projects across the country. Harmain Royal Residency, Wonder Tower, Harmain Tower, Burj-ul-Harmain, and Orison Tower are just a few successful projects in Pakistan.

NOC Islamabad’s Discovery Gardens

It’s an RDA-approved housing society. The layout plan has been authorized, and the NOC is currently being processed.

Location of the Discovery Gardens in Islamabad

Discovery Gardens is conveniently placed on the M2 Motorway, connecting Islamabad and Lahore. It’s in Mouza Mujahid, which is close to Capital Smart City. By 2025, the project should be completed and turned over to the community.

The following are the locations of the Discovery Gardens in Islamabad:

  • New Islamabad International Airport is a 7-minute drive away.
  • Islamabad’s Thalian interchanges are about a 3-minute drive away.
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road is a 6-minute drive away.
  • The city centers of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are 20 minutes distant.
  • The M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway is direct across the street.

Unique Features

CARNIVAL CITY is a city known for its carnivals.

Carnival City will provide a wide range of entertainment options for everyone, young and old. It will be a dream destination for both local and international visitors who want to host and participate in various activities throughout the year.


A shooting range with open and closed practice areas, as well as a fully stocked gun shop, will be available. The facility is being built to provide safe and secure access to various shooting disciplines, including Air Rifle, Action Pistol, and firearms instruction.


Discovery Gardens will feature a one-of-a-kind, artistically built mini-golf course centered on family pleasure and creativity. Mini golf has become a popular destination for a family outing, a corporate team-building event, or various other activities that help people form meaningful friendships. The mini-golf will be a fun and relaxing pastime that fits in with our creative amenities’ strategy.


Discovery Gardens will be home to a modern, multistory hotel complex. Our skilled personnel will greet you in our state-of-the-art institution, which features beautifully built internal facilities such as a lobby area and comfortable rooms with soothing bathrooms.


Our establishment’s religious and cultural core will be a strategically positioned Jamia Masjid. Plans are in the works to build a multistory, large, and dignified complex that can accommodate thousands of worshippers at any given moment. In addition, a religious teaching center, an Islamic library, and a children’s learning facility will all be part of the Mosque complex.

Why Should You Invest in Islamabad’s Discovery Gardens?

Discovery Gardens is a good investment. Islamabad will make your investment worthwhile because this is the impending private center point of persons from twin urban communities. From the standpoint of speculation, the Discovery Garden is regarded as gold. Discovery Garden has a slew of financial supporters who are reaping the benefits. In terms of privacy, this lodging society is the best. However, if someone is looking for a long-term investment opportunity, this dirt is considered a multibillion-dollar property.

Best Park view City in Islamabad

Park View City, a CDA-approved, appealing residential project in Islamabad’s Zone IV, is developed by AH Real Estate Marketing. The housing society has a 400-foot-wide Main Boulevard that allows direct access from the highway; in addition, Kurri Road and Banigala provide access. The beautiful vistas and high-end amenities attract investors to this housing project.

It is envisioned as the ideal site for families seeking a safe, family-friendly neighborhood with a futuristic vision and spectacular views.

Park View City’s Owners and Developers:

Park View City, constructed with modern architecture and technology by AH Real Estate Marketing, has become one of Islamabad’s most sought-after housing societies. AH Real Estate Marketing is owned by Aleem Khan, a prominent and active member of PTI. This is the first project for AH Real Estate Marketing in Islamabad.

Vision for the Group:

Since its inception in 2012, AH Real Estate Marketing has accomplished several ground-breaking real estate initiatives. AH Real Estate Marketing has dominated the Pakistani real estate market in less than a decade, establishing itself as one of the region’s most trusted and reliable development organizations.

Park View, developed by AH Real Estate Marketing, aspires to be one of the area’s most extravagant housing developments.

The company seeks to deliver sumptuous living through a variety of construction and urban landscape initiatives in cosmopolitan areas. Attractive aesthetics and modern practicality are features of AH Real Estate Marketing’s developments, resulting in convenient and pleasant living.

Projects By AH Real Estate Marketing:

AH Real Estate Marketing has completed several successful projects in Pakistan’s main cities, including architectural marvels. The following is a list of notable projects completed by AH Real Estate Marketing:

Abdul Aleem Khan founded the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, which is a non-profit organization.

  • PARK View Icon is a landmark on I.I. Chundrigar Road in Karachi.
  • Park View City in Islamabad
  • Mall Road in Lahore is home to the PARK View Corporate Center.
  • Park View Signature Apartments in Gulberg-Lahore
  • In the United States, the National School is a public institution.
  • On Multan Road in Lahore, villas with a view of the park

Park View City (NOC)

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will shortly accept Park View City Islamabad’s No Objection Certificate (NOC), and developers are working hard to get the project approved. Obtaining legal status is crucial for any housing society since it grants the society the status of a legal and sanctioned residential area.

Park View City Islamabad Map:

Park View City is located next to Bahria Enclave and is only 15 minutes from Serena Hotel Islamabad, 5 minutes from Bahria Enclave and Bani Gala, and a 1-minute walk from the lush green botanical Garden, as indicated on the map.

The Park Road and the Kuri Road, as well as the Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road, and Islamabad Highway, are all part of the 8-kilometer journey from Chak Shahzad.

Access Routes:

Park View City Islamabad is accessed through major Jinnah Avenue from Malot Road or the CDA-built 200-foot-wide main access road straight from Kurri Road.


The overall picture of society is breathtaking, and Park View will be one of Islamabad’s best social orders if it is implemented successfully. Overall, Park View appears to be a good investment opportunity for both investors and residents.

Since Park View City gained CDA approval, numerous banks, including Silk Bank and Bank Al-Falah, have begun offering house financing programs to investors looking for low-interest loans. We strongly advise you to take advantage of this opportunity and acquire a spot in an exciting new initiative.